HVAC was not cleaned right

Last summertime was a very hot time of the year, more hot than usual summers around here, and, I made an HVAC appointment to have my heating as well as cooling system checked on and tuned up for the upcoming summer heat… When the HVAC professional arrived, I realized I’d never seen him before. This is a small neighborhood with only one single Heating and A/C company in town, so most of everyone knows all the A/C techs and workers. This guy said he was new, so he went to work on my HVAC unit, and less than an hour later, he said he had done all there was to do on our Heating and A/C unit, and presented me and my hubby with the bill, and our cooling system had stayed unused while in the winter and spring time, so I assumed he had not found much to and paid him what I owed. That night, every last one of us turned our A/C on, set the thermostat at a comfortable setting and went to bed! Imagine our surprise when me and my hubby woke up covered in sweat in the wee hours of the day. The Heating and A/C unit system had conked out only hours after I had paid to ensure it would not. When I called up the manager of Heating and A/C store and told him what happened, he was genuinely sorry about it and said he would send someone to repair the A/C unit immediately. I made him promise not to send that idiot from the other week.

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