Hoping to handle the heating and air

I do not mind the holidays much but I do not love the hustle as well as bustle as well as the constant coming as well as going in between family members’ residences. I go to a couple of family members’ houses for the holidays on a regular basis. My 2 family members have their own residences, meaning that both of them have their temperature control units set to unusual hot as well as cold temperatures… This is another reason why I would rather just stay in the comfort of my residence as well as have the ability to adjust the control device to my personal liking. First in the morning the bunch of us go to our Grandmother’s residence. My Grandmother’s residence is normally sizzling, as well as because she is older she does not love to be even a little bit cold. Therefore her control device is set to at least 85 degrees on a regular basis. When I am at our Grandmother’s residence I have to make sure that I am not wearing a heavy-duty sweater. After a couple of hours of being there, the bunch of us go to our sister’s residence. My sister’s residence is incredibly cold because she sets her control device to 55 degrees. I always have to be sure that I am wearing a heavy sweater as well as a jacket because she always feels overheated. I guess next year I am going to hold the holidays at my residence because I set my control device to a reasonable temperature of about 72 degrees. I am not too sizzling as well as am I not too nippy either. Not to mention, if my Grandmother decides to complain about it being too cold or my sister is mad about it being too sizzling as well as they try to change the temperature through the control device they can’t access it because they need a passcode to make any changes to the temperature. It’s seriously great having an advanced smart control unit in my residence!

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