hoping the HVAC is in good shape

I was resting on my couch last weekend enjoying TV. All of my friends had plans plus I did not actually feel like being out anyway, despite the fact that I was super bored. Do you know the feeling? Anyway, I was resting there on the couch, flipping through the channels, when I mumbled to myself: “Boy, I wish something cool happened around here, I don’t care what it is…” As if to punctuate that sentence, I instantly heard a terrible bang plus rattle plus then our air conditioning machine stopped working altogether. I could only sit there on the couch for a full two minutes in shock. By then, it was already becoming hot in our residence. I swear, it seems to me that the celestial powers to be are only listening when they have the golden opportunity to mess with me in some diciculing way. I got up plus went over to the hallway to just stare stupidly at our thermostat. I actually wasn’t fooling anybody, least of all myself; I really have no idea what went wrong. I merely shrugged plus called up the HVAC machine guys that I do business with now plus then… Come to think on it, it had been a good amount of time since I called them. I was quite lucky that a repairman was able to come out that same day, albeit towards dusk. As clueless as I was about what was going on, it did not take him long to figure out.The problem was twofold: our air filter had not been changed in the longest time, plus there was a mechanical component inside the machine that was worn down to the point where it easily failed, shot loose, plus rattled around the housing. That certainly wasn’t cool, it was just unfortunate, plus now I had this maintenance bill to pay for!

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