Happy to control the thermostat

I have lived with roommates for the course of my life. When I was younger I lived with my parents and then once I was in university I had to get roommates to cover the rent! I constantly enjoyed living with my loving parents and I was lucky that my university roommates were legitimately superb too. I sincerely did not have any sort of problems with roommates at all. The other year, I sadly had to move out because my roommate wanted to have her guy move in. I easily understood because they were going to be married in the next few years and wanted to live together first. So, this meant that I was going to geta location all to myself. I have never experienced living on my own and I was so happy to get to do it. My mother constantly told me that if I had the option to live alone once in my life that I should definitely do that, and that is just what I did. I have now been living alone for months now and I legitimately prefer it. One thing I never thought I would prefer so much is being able to set the Heating and Air Conditioning machine to whatever I want. I constantly let my roommates set the thermostat because I never really cared too much about the Heating and Air Conditioning machine temperature… However, I never realized how fabulous it was to have the residence blast air conditioning while I was getting some sleep! I don’t really know for certain if I’ll ever be able to have another roommate again!

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