HVAC in college classes stunk

I am quite lucky that I was able to go to university. I think that many people aren’t able to afford it for a bunch of different reasons. However, the university I went to actually lacked in the funding department. It honestly wasn’t that my degree wasn’t fair or that the school wasn’t a very nice school. I had some unquestionably nice times plus I had some unquestionably great teachers while I attended this school. However, the HVAC machine in the school was actually the worst I have ever experienced in all my life. The school is a little bit older plus the buildings definitely wasn’t as modern as some of the other universities nearby… During the Winter season it would get so gelid in all the dorm rooms that all the people would sneak in area heaters. Area heating machines weren’t allowed in our dorm rooms at all, but it was essentially impossible to sleep during the evening without some kind of heating machine. I think the school did have a working oil furnace because some of my classrooms were unquestionably toasty, but the dorms were always gelid. I guess I am not the only student who has made a ton of complaints because just the other week I saw an HVAC mechanic’s van parked outside of the dorm area. I believe they are looking at various ways to keep us warmer without having to replace the entire oil furnace. I sincerely hope the school is able to repair this setback before the Winter season ends, despite the fact that I unquestionably don’t think that will happen.

HVAC crew

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