Happy the HVAC guy is 24 hour

I have been with my boyfriend for multiple years now. I am eagerly hoping that he asks me to marry him really soon! I have been hoping to be his wedded wife since the moment I seen him for the first time plus I know he feels the same way about me! We truly have a fantastic relationship plus for the most part we don’t really fight too much at all. The two of us don’t reside together just yet, although I am totally hoping once both of us are engaged he will also want to get a residence together. However, there is one thing both of us do have confrontations about lately plus that is my boyfriend’s place of work. He works for his father’s HVAC machine corporation plus he wishes to take over the business in the future. I think that he is putting in all this work because he wants to prove to his dad that he can handle the task. However, it is a 24 hour HVAC machine corporation that will make house calls in the middle of the night. So this pretty much means that my boyfriend works some rather bizarre hours. I work a traditional 9-5 job plus just want him to be off when I get back home so both of us can spend some quality time together. However, he has been working the night shift plus it is entirely putting a real strain on our relationship. I don’t really want to provide him a hard time because I think he entirely does love particularly working for the HVAC machine corporation. I honestly hope this isn’t the schedule he has to work forever!

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