This air conditioner continues to work

I had it all planned for weeks! It was my mom and dad’s 30 year wedding anniversary and  I made reservations for us to go out to a very upscale restaurant. It was a very big deal. This restaurant was quite luxurious, plus you had to call weeks in advance in order to secure a spot. It was almost akin to winning the lottery to get a date close to what you wanted! I was happy that I was able to get a date that was only a few days apart from the actual anniversary date. That’s why I was so worried when it was ruined by a faulty cooling system. We had arrived about fifteen minutes early and when we came in we discovered the a/c was faulty. This was a pretty big upset, to say the least. It was the middle of June! There was no any of us could sit in a restaurant for a nice meal without a working cooling system. It was 96 degrees outside! If my parents were younger and in better shape, we may have tried it. My Mom had breathing difficulties however, so he needed an air condition in this hot weather. Both of us had no but to forfeit our reservations and search for a restaurant with a working cooling system. We angrily got in our car, turned up the cooling system, and began our search. Both of us ended up going to a small eating establishment that had a nice wall unit cooling system. It wasn’t what we had hoped for, however it was better than a restaurant with no a/c, no matter how fancy!

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