Checking for safety

When I was a teenager, or, I should say when I was in my late teens fresh outta high school, I went to get my very first apartment. What I found that was cheap enough was what they call a basement apartment. It was a little living space in the basement of someone’s house. It was pretty nice for the most. But, the major problem was that the heating and cooling system in the place was less than great. Being in what is technically a basement, the air conditioning did not reach from the air vents into the basement as strong as the main part of the house. And in the winter time months, the heater did not work right either for the same reason. The place did have heating and cooling zone control so I was able to have my own heating and cooling system controls. However, heating and cooling zone control did no good when the air vents did not pump out the air properly! No matter how I adjusted the thermostat on the wall, it never would be what it said. To get it to be 75 degrees of heat from the heater, I had to set the thermostat on the wall to 95! Ridiculous! I paid so many high energy bills it was sick! Within a few months of dealing with this, I contacted a legal rep to get me out of the lease and I ended up going and renting an apartment in a normal apartment complex. At least there, the heating and cooling system worked as it should!

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