A horrible thermostat

Last weekend my old heated gas furnace broke down on me on my only day off during the week. All that I wanted to do was to spend some time by myself, sip some wine, and read a book in my pajamas. That was very hard to do without my heated gas furnace working because I was freezing my butt off. I called over to the HVAC heating and cooling company in town, but I found out that they are not available on sundays unless you set up an appointment a week prior. Since I didn’t have any other options I decided to just bundle up in a bunch of warm weather clothes and order a pizza. Once the pizza man arrived, the first thing he said after he handed me the pizza was how cold it was in my house. I told him my current situation with my broken down heated gas furnace, and to my suprise, he asked me if he could take a look at it. Apparently he is a HVAC repair tech in training and thought that he could perhaps fix it for me for free! I was surprised and told him that he could absolutely take a shot at it. After about fifteen or twenty minutes of this pizza man/hvac tech trying to repair my old heated gas furnace, it suddenly comes back to life! I could hardly believe it, and I thanked him profusely and gave him a very generous tip. I just couldn’t believe that this kind man did this for me just out of the kindness of my heart. Now that i have some warm and toasty air flowing through my house finally, I might be able to enjoy my day off after all.

cool and heat 

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