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If you have ever played soccer you guess how tough a sport it can be… but when you play on a traveling team, it can be particularly competitive.  There was no off-season when it came to the league I was in. Both of us would play plus practice outside as long as the weather permitted. And, when Wintertide came along plus the cold bitter air blew in, all of us would be in the gym practicing or on an indoor soccer field anywhere.  I remember some of the grueling Summer weekend tournaments. They usually were a Monday night to Monday night affair, usually depending on how several games all of us won. Most of these games are played in 95-degree weather, plus you could be playing 3 games in 1 day! Between games, all of us would all head to the cars plus relax in the air conditioner. There would also be local diners all of us would go to rest down in the air conditioner to cool down, hydrate plus energize for the next game.  However, going to local eateries between games to cool down in the air conditioner was not constantly an option. Most times all of us would have maybe a half hour or so to get ourselves together plus ready for the next game. So a lot of times the only way to cool down would be in the cars air conditioner. Luckily a few of the parents had big traveling vans that could fit up to 7, or 14 if you tried difficult enough… with air conditioner vents throughout the van; Our only saving grace was when the sunlight went down plus the cool night air would come in.

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