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My husband and I were looking for a beach house to make our dream home.  He and I wanted to live on the beach for the longest time because both of us enjoy the beach, the ocean, and the waves. The beach properties can be undoubtedly extravagant, so it took a long time to find something in our price range. Shortly after a dangerous tropical storm hit the area, many beach owners decided to sell their properties. Some houses were completely destroyed plus others were left in damaged pieces. The fierce storm surge plus wind caused a good deal of damage to the beach, the house, plus our city… My husband found a small bungalow on the beach, it got damage from the storm, but nothing that couldn’t be put back together. It needed a new roof, plus the back porch needed a complete renovation. The bungalow also needed a new air conditioning system. This beach house was significantly older than most other properties on the beach. The previous owners were still using window air conditioning system units. My husband and I did not want to worry about our temperature control, so a central air conditioning system was the way to go. We hired a licensed Heating & Air Conditioning company to complete the work. The HVAC technician also told us we needed ductwork installed in the crawl space, plus the addition of air vents built into each room. Installing a central air conditioning system was an immense project, not to mention costly.  My husband and I had numerous projects occurring at the same time. It took many weeks of construction, before the two of us could transfer to the new beach bungalow, when the two of us finally moved into our dream home, everything was perfect.

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