We can’t live without our central air

If you’ve sealed up your apartment to ward against the loss of hot and cold air but you are still noticing your HVAC system cycles for long periods, you might have missed something. Well, it’s not your fault, because you would never think to look there. When most of us think of trying to retain cold or hot air in our homes, we usually think of apartment insulation, door jam socks, heavy curtains, and window gaskets. But as it turns out, the loss of air from our HVAC units is often in sites the average person can’t see. A first step toward stopping HVAC air loss is to check around the vents and radiator connections where they meet the walls, floors, and even ceilings should always be sealed up tightly. After this is done, consider hiring an HVAC company to check the ductwork. Air ducts are responsible for up to 15% of the air being moved through the HVAC system being lost entirely. If you’re comfortable accessing the ductwork solo, you can seal the leaks in ducts with metal tape or even mastic sealant. Often you can also access the HVAC ducts through your basement if it’s unfinished, or through the garage, attic, or crawl space. However, you could possibly ruin the system entirely, so it’s best to simply hire a professional technician from your local heating and air conditioning business. But by patching the holes and stopping the leaks, you’ll notice your energy bill go down as your HVAC unit cycles for shorter amounts of time. With thorough HVAC duct maintenance, you can stop these leaks as they arise.

HVAC ductwork 

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