I do get it

As you get older you realize that express your opinion on every subject isn’t necessary. When I was much younger I would tell anyone that would listen my opinion on politics, religion or money. This caused me to start a lot of pointless fights and lose many friends along the way. I am now a small business owner and I know that starting pointless fights will only lead to me losing customers. I own a local HVAC company and starting a new small business is always a risky thing to do. The last thing I need is to turn away potential customers because I couldn’t keep my opinion to myself. One thing that everyone needs is a heating system that works in the winter and a cooling system that works in the summer. My HVAC company can provide both of these things and we don’t need to be talking about the current president or religion along the way. I hope that as my kids grow up they learn this lesson from me. I want my kids to be able to hear someone else’s opinion without having to cause any issues. If I were to do this all the time, I would be scaring away potential HVAC customers and that is the last thing I can afford to do. I am trying to grow my business and I need every single customer that I can get. I don’t want for any of my personal opinions to affect business. I think that my wife really likes my new outlook on potential hot button issues.

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