I need a beekeeper

Last weekend my family and I went on a camping trip. Sometimes it just feels really good to be out in the great outdoors, and to not have to worry about bills and phones and TVs and troubles. So we decided to hit the road and take our tents and fishing poles and live off the land for a few days. It was a nice diversion from our hectic daily life! We caught fish and cooked them over our campfire, we found wild berries to eat, and then we found something that we thought was really cool. We found an actual bee hive out in the woods. It wasn’t like one of those little bee boxes that beekeeping hobbyists use to keep bees in, either. It was an honest-to-goodness, actual beehive like bears find in cartoons! My husband thought that it would be a good idea for us to try and harvest some of the honey out of the beehive like he had seen people do on TV. Well, I didn’t think this was the greatest idea that I had ever heard, and neither did my kids. We didn’t really want to be attacked by bees out in the wilderness and then get covered in stings! But my husband just had his mind set on getting some wild honey straight from the hive. I don’t know what he was thinking, honestly. I think all of the fresh clear air had gone straight to his head. He doesn’t know anything at all about bees, beekeeping, or even harvesting honey for that matter! I was just getting ready to head back to the hive to yell at him when he came streaking through the woods as fast as he could, yelling at us to get in the car. Apparently a bear had come along to harvest the honey too and my husband wisely conceded the hive to the bear.

bee removal 

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