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Who would have thought that the largest problem our corporation would face had to do with office equipment.  Mary and I make custom olive oils and salad dressings so that should be our main idea. The recipes are known for being good but the concern is finding clients and retail spaces to carry them.  This concern, Mary and I thought, could be solved by going to trade shows, craft shows and word of mouth, but that has not been the situation. Mary and I needed to have a logo and labeling that would be appealing to all the people and eye catching as well.  It wasn’t too tough to design but getting it printed became the concern. The printer that the people I was with and I had in the office was not anywhere near sophisticated enough to produce the condition of labels that the people I was with and I needed for the product let alone the signs and ads.  The two of us needed the assistance of a professional printing business. The one in the next city was perfect. They had high tech label printers and laser finishers to give that high end look Mary and I were looking for. The two of us l received quickly that the cost of producing these labels was huge, especially when the people I was with and I had so many products that needed individual labels put on them.  As the corporation grew Mary and I were able to purchase a high quality laser printer that was capable of doing the labels but we still use the printing corporation to produce signs and ads.

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