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I have to giggle lately, because whenever I hear the Surgeon General statements come on television, about radon gas.  They commanded that each and every homeowner purchase a radon testing kit & check out their beach new home for radon gas.  They tell you the radon gas testing kits are easy to read & if the studying is high, they then supply you the Phone number for the radon gas mitigation service in your area.  Then they tell you that this information has been paid for with our tax dollars. I sometimes wonder if the state & the radon gas mitigation service companies, aren’t really working together.  I’m sure the state is getting all their currency back from all of the commercials. They are also putting a lot of currency into the pockets of the few radon gas mitigation service companies that are in our area.  I did research on the radon gas mitigation service companies. It seems that over 90% of them are really working in line with the DEP. I understand that radon gas could be a health hazard. I also know that there needs to be highly elevated levels of radon gas in a beach new home for it to be hazardous.  Most homes, don’t even reach those high levels of radon gas & putting a ventilation plan into your basement could do a world of good. Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of certain dangerous materials in the soil. Every one of us can’t get away from radon gas, & putting in a mitigation plan is not a poor thing.  I just wish that the state wasn’t really working with the radon gas mitigation service companies in such a way that it makes it look like they are really in cahootrs with each other.

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