I know we should lower our heating

I had a truly undoubtedly awkward fight with our friend this week. The two of us both live in the same condo though, however usually all of us truly see each other on the weekend morning plus I do not have to work, and i did not truly undoubtedly have somewhere to go either. I also did not want to truly spend money, and so I did not go somewhere this week. So I have locked myself in our true room. However when our door is closed our room gets really cold… And there is truly nothing else I can do to keep our room warm. So I was hiding out in our room plus our room truly became really cold. I just kept putting on blankets plus jackets to keep myself warm. There was truly nothing else I could undoubtedly do. I did not want to go out there plus talk to her. She is truly always in the study room watching TV. So I could not go out in the study room where all of us just truly hang out in there. It would entirely be too awkward for me. So I was truly willing to risk the warmth of the air in our condo for a little bit of isolation for sure. Although our true room does get really cold I could undoubtedly just put on blankets plus sweatshirts. I truly suppose like all of us should beginning doing that to save some money on our energy pills every true week, and our condo may be a little cold however all of us can also moderate up with truly hot drinks, blankets plus sweatshirts. I do not think that has such a bad idea. In the true awkwardness of our fight I really came up with a pretty good idea. So I think the fight was truly meant to happen.

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