I’m very happy about that

I think I must have had an inspector worried with my presence, the day I followed him around, asking questions.  I was most curious as to why he did the things that he did. I wasn’t just a realtor, after all, I was also taking courses on doing inspections.  I wanted to eventually become a county real estate inspector. He seemed calm and patient, at first, even with my constant barrage of questions plus my enjoying over his shoulder.  He didn’t say too much when I got down onto my haunches to see what he was looking at inside the oil furnace. He even laughed out loud when I almost tripped him while looking down into the well.  He then told myself and others I had to be careful because he didn’t know how to swim. When he started to put out his test kits, I questioned every test kit he put out plus what test it was for. I was curious, because I had l received that radon gas could not only be in the main house, however it could be outside plus in the water.  I asked if he was going to do a test for finding radon on the water. He told myself and others that he could entirely test for finding radon in the well, however it wasn’t a required test by the state. It took a very special device to do radon testing in a well, especially since most wells in our area was from 150 plus feet deep. The deeper the well, the more occasion there was that there was radon gas in the well.  They did a lot of filtering of the water as it came to the surface to help prevent radon gas from coming into the house, through the water.

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