I bet this water heater will work

The drainage from my bathtub had slowly started to get worse plus worse. I decided that I needed to get all the gross hair and debris out of the drain in the shower. So I took the cover off plus reached my fingers deep into the pipe to rip out some of the filth. I got quite a bit of hair out, however decided to take it 1 step further. Since I did not currently own a plumber’s snake plus finding that it was cheap, I used an old piece of wire to fashion 1. That worked somewhat plus I got some more hair out. I figured the drainage was fine plus took a shower. I suppose I might have moved the blockage deeper in my piping. The water in the shower did not drain at all this time. I used my toilet plunger to get the dirty water to go down the drain. It took a solid 10 minutes of plunging plus trying to get rid of the dirty water. After this, I had to drive to my local hardware store plus finally buy a real plumber’s snake. I had never seen 1 before plus was content it was easy to use at a low cost. For 16 dollars I was able to snake super deep down my drain. When the snake came back up I was so grossed out by the amount of hair plus soap scum. It smelled rancid. But afterwards, the dirty water drained out of the tub with no issue. I am going to keep my plumber’s snake handy in the front bathroom just in case this happens again. I have super long hair that is falling out a lot.

drainage issues 

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