How to make a business stronger

My HVAC company has grown exponentially over the last twenty years.  About a decade ago, I wanted to start doing different types of advertising.  The age of computers had long been in full swing, but I was still living in the Dark Ages.   I had my website and I was getting phone calls and inquiries off my website, but I needed to do advertising.  With the help of an acquaintance and the diligence of my wife, I was able to secure a Digital Marketing company to help expand my business.  They helped us with the thousands of different copy and art that was needed for our marketing plan. They made it seem simple to create a campaign, for sales, specials, and customer acquisition.   I am truly grateful for what they have done for my company, and for what they are still doing to keep our company growing. They have made our every experience relevant to our HVAC company and personal to myself as the owner.  They truly are an experienced business who not just personalized the business they have given us. They have allowed us to test and optimize every piece of copy, art, and idea that they came up with for our business. If I hadn’t discovered Digital Marketing, my company would still be where it was twenty years ago.  We would be a small town HVAC company who was struggling to get clients. I never thought that I would be computer savvy, or that I would be talking about Digital Marketing. If you have a business like heating and air conditioning, car repair, or even hairdressing and you want to expand, look into Digital Marketing.

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