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One of the most common forms of ad marketing is PPC.  PPC stands for pay-per-click. With PPC, you can do your ad, and the only time you are charged is if someone actually clicks on the ad that you are placing.  This doesn’t mean that you will always get a job from the PPC, but you will have the opportunity to show the potential customer, information that will get their attention and encourage them go to your website.  Getting the customer to your website is a crucial step and without the means to entice them to click on to your website, your ad is not going to be beneficial. Once they click your ad, and they find they like what you have written, that is when you need to snag the fish, or get the customer.  You need to give the customer the information they are looking for. Will they always want the information you are offering? Of course not, but you need to be realistic. If you get a 20% click through, you are doing really well. For some websites, they are satisfied with an 8% click through.   Click through is the amount of people that not only clicks on your ad, but goes on into your website. Now, you need to get them to sign up for your information. This is the next and most important part of the process. You want them to sign up for your emails. Once they sign up for your emails, then you know that you have the opportunity to get a customer.

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