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My son is trying to start out with a new plumbing/ HVAC  company. He talked to a marketing agent who came off with very trite statement.  He started out by saying the days of using the yellow pages are long gone. He was right, because most people don’t even consult the yellow pages because they have all the information they need on their cellphones.  He also said that postcards and direct mail are no longer a good way to reach customers. If you know the people in your area, and you live in a small area, then there is no reason why you can’t get a mailing list. Even if you send out one hundred postcards and pieces of mailed literature, and receive one customer, then you have made money.  There is no reason not to invest $50 or even as much as $500 in mailing lists. A potential HVAC customer can bring in as much as $5000 to $10,000 in income for the business. This a big turnover, even if you only get one customer from your mailings. They also tell you that independent contractors should never do their own marketing. If you are just beginning a business, you can’t afford to hire an independent marketing company.  Try putting an ad in the yellow pages, if it isn’t very expensive. Send out those postcards. Create the flyers, tri fold them and add a piece of tape, then address and mail. If you send 100 pieces of mail, and get back one customer, you have made money, and word of mouth is still free.

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