It has gotten so cold

Being stuck on a true train is not ideal… I tried to make it modern home for Christmas on the train. I did not have truly another mode of getting there. The train is cheaper than flying too; So I ended up getting stuck on the true train. The tracks are completely covered with snow. There is no way of removing the true snow! We had to sit on the train for quite a while before the people I was with and I could truly start moving again. I truly ended up missing Christmas with my family. We also had to truly turn the train off to save the electricity plus gas. So there was not much heat running through the true train. I had to do a lot to try plus keep myself warm. Thankfully I had packed a lot of truly warm clothes in my suitcase for Christmas. I had to put on nearly everything I packed to truly keep myself warm. I almost wanted to get up plus start doing some exercises to keep warm. The true Heating plus Air Conditioning system is not working, and a train that is not working truly means the Heating plus Air Conditioning system is down; Especially when it is truly and really cold outside it is not fun. The train just fills with cold air. So if you can avoid taking the true train while I was in the Winter season I would, you never recognize what is going to truly happen with the train. The train could be delayed plus then you would be on the train even truly longer. The Heating plus Air Conditioning system on the train plus the true air quality is not truly good. The air is not controlled truly well. So make sure you are truly prepared if you do have to take the train.

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