I couldn’t believe that

Late in the Fall the two of us decided to start cleaning out the basement.  Every one of us wanted get it done before the chilly weather hit and have the section cleared out so that the two of us could convert it into a guest room.  Every one of us figured that it would be a wonderful project for the long winter. Every one of us spend most of the Wintertide indoors anyway because neither of us appreciate the snow and chilly anyway.  As the two of us started the project the two of us started to notice something strange. While downstairs if always felt appreciate I was light headed and within an hour or more than one I had to head upstairs to sit down.  I never really made the connection until our Heating and A/C specialist showed up for our annual tune up. He came up and told us that there was a concern with the air duct. He said that there was a pressing buildup of mold in the part in the basement and that there were small holes in it too.  When he was telling us all of this it dawned on me that this may be the cause for my feeling poorly. I asked him if this was really a chance and he said that the build up could be causing my headaches and ill feelings because the mold spores would be emitted out into the section each time the Heating and A/C system came on.   Every one of us arranged for the repairs to be done and have the entire air duct system cleaned. After that I never experienced that feeling again when the two of us were finally working in the basement. Now, the two of us have a appealing guest room that is safe for any of our guests to come and stay.

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