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Our son in law works for the local government and has a really critical job.  He doesn’t work in some office downtown, deciding on laws, permits, or court cases, he is a laborer at the State Department of Transportation.  Now this may not be critical to you until you start to understand all the jobs that they do. They are responsible for keeping the roads in good repair, putting up signs, and most importantly, he is a plow driver.  While you and I are sitting safely in our nice warm homes he is out in the middle of the cold night plowing the roads for travel the next day. I go to sleep each night when the weather is bad and have a fitful night of sleep.  I worry constantly about his safety because he needs to be out in conditions that most of us would never dream of driving around in. At least he is warm because, if nothing else, the mechanics at his shop make sure that the HVAC systems in all the big trucks work really well.  The last thing that anyone needs to worry about in the middle of a snowstorm is being cold, tired, and unsafe while out battling the piles of ice and snow. My daughter is really good about texting us when he finally arrives home and I always breathe a sigh of relief. I feel for anyone who needs to work in the harsh conditions so that the rest of us can be safe, comfortable, and have lights on.  Please be kind to anyone subjected to these conditions for your comfort.

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