I don’t know what to do

Having hard water is the worst thing in the entire world – call me dramatic, but it is! Hard water ruins everything it touches. Our plumbing figures are stained from the water spots, as they rust and corrode faster than anything else. When I get something actually white, I know it will turn a dingy grey or a rusty yellow within a month of use. That’s the pain of working with hard water! A lot of people say that you can add a water softener to your system, and I even heard about someone trying a reverse osmosis system to filter out the impurities in the water! I have tried cleaning the water, but nothing has helped enough to make it worthwhile. It can’t be helped, as there is so much lime, magnesium and calcium in the water! Any water softener that I use hardly makes a dent. Plumbing technology with a filter gets clogged up very quickly, so I think I’m just flat-out doomed to suffer with water like this. It is taxing enough to do anything with it, as I cook and need to boil the water before I do anything else. Cleaning is harder too, as the water and bleach make a bright yellow color that stains the cookware. Showering with the water makes our hair frizzy, and brushing our teeth with it stains them! We even have to use a special water filter rather than drink it right out of the tap. It costs a fortune to deal with hard water, but we have no other option. The water is pumped from under the ground, and stored in our hot water tank!


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