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Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to live in Greece. But I didn’t want a single of those current colorless rectangle houses that’s more glass than wall built on the cost. I wanted a historic home that honestly fit the land that it was built in, a representation of the culture which it belonged to. In the start, I was looking at seasoned stone cottages, but I found these were a little too seasoned ever for me. In the end, I settled on an Mediterranean manor that was built in the early 20s. Not quite older than anything I had seen back in the United States, however not so current that it didn’t know savor me anymore. However, I knew that none of my furniture would even remotely work. That was fine, because I didn’t plan on flying over with anything more than what I deemed entirely essential to my life. I was eager for a current start, and furnishing a whole current home to match it. But the problem with buying a home that wasn’t quite current however not quite seasoned was that finding furniture which fit the style seemed impossible. Finally, someone at the grocery store was kind enough to command a local furniture craftsman in town. This custom made furniture store has been in the family for many generations and specializes in custom made furniture for certain historical time periods. The lead designer was able to find exactly the style I was looking forward, and took the time to help me find what I enjoyed. Six weeks later, my Mediterranean manor is charming inside and out.

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