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When I started up my own custom furniture building business, I assumed a small workshop would be adequate.  I needed plus section that was temperature controlled plus well ventilated where I could saw, sand, use harsh chemicals plus store inventory.  As demand for particular pieces furniture pieces abruptly grew, I realized how badly I needed an office space. I hoped to separate the building process from the paperwork.  I wanted a scrub section where I could meet with prospective shoppers, show them my portfolio plus discuss their requirements. So I started searching for a space to either rent or buy which would accommodate both an office plus a workshop.  Because of my specialized requirements, I had some difficulty. I also didn’t have unlimited funds to invest. My supplier was still current plus growing. After having no success, I finally contacted a real estate agency for some help I spent six weeks touring one office space after another.  Either they were too big, too small, too overpriced, in a awful location or completely rundown. I eventually needed to compromise a bit. I opted for a space that was larger than my requirements however adequate because of the seasoned condition. I handled the majority of the renovations myself plus added a partition to separate the actual furniture building workshop from the office space.  I find it helpful to have a scrub plus organized office space where I can not only interact with customers however kneel down with a cup of root beer plus a take a break. It’s turned out be a good thing that the building is so large, because demands for my task have continued to grow.

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