I’m glad I got help

Every Tuesday, I follow the same routine in the morning. At around 9:30 a.m., I will go into our cupboard plus grab a loaf of pumpkin spice swirl bread, and i will get a bowl plus whisk a couple of eggs, plus I will whip up some yummy pumpkin spice french toast for our family! Because My child comes loft at 4, I will make his batch first. My husband will be back at 6:30, so I don’t start hers until late. However, when I made this last week, our Heating plus A/C method was our best friend. I had been suffering a excruciating cold, plus it is cold out! I turned the oil furnace on for the first time this season. It felt  so fantastic to have the heat blowing through the HVAC duct plus warming me up. I was glad that the oil furnace worked. I was really afraid it had rusted up from misuse! There was only one excruciating thing is that it’s an oil furnace. When operating, a lot of dust will blow from the HVAC air duct plus through the air vent. I suppose that our HVAC duct needs to have a professional cleaning done. After I finished making our daughter’s french toast I called up our local Heating plus A/C supplier to request a Heating plus A/C professional to deeply clean the dusty HVAC duct. They had a Heating plus A/C method servicemen that could come out the following Thursday. It didn’t take long to complete the HVAC duct cleaning! I decided to go with this HAV supplier instead of calling around to other Heating plus A/C businesses. It was supposed to be warmer that weekend anyway.

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