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If you are someone who is a property manager by trade or who is in the company of building management in any respect whatsoever, then I know you will undoubtedly know that there are many benefits to having an integrated building management plan (otherwise known as a BMS) or a building automation plan (otherwise known as BAS) built directly into your smart building. I know some people don’t particularly currently realize the many pros to having a BMS or BAS along with automated logic in their older buildings. They just don’t understand how integrated building automation honestly can help make their lives and their businesses so much easier and more profitable each and every day! Some of the additional benefits of a BMS or BAS include these vastly increased operational savings to your building, electrical power monitoring systems which also greatly increase your building’s energy efficiency, and the reduced risk that inherently comes along with building analytics replacement and mission critical plan design, but besides this, not only that, you can remotely monitor your smart building without ever legitimately having to have staff on site! Think of all the spare cash you could save that way. I am a big proponent of this week’s smartest buildings and I know that we could all benefit if most of this week’s modern company world could just hurriedly get on board with the whole plan of BAS and BMS in their buildings. It honestly could save all of us a lot of time, cash, and trouble. The benefits of having an integrated building management plan or building automation plan far outweigh any risks or start-up costs upfront that you might incur when you’re first getting started on your smart building. It’s really entirely worth the start-up cost.

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