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Last year, my carpet cleaning company was hired to service some luxury apartments downtown. We needed to purchase a portable carpet cleaner to handle these luxury apartments. Our normal carpet cleaning van supplies only enough hose to reach second floor apartments. These apartments are all inside of a high-rise, and we use a service elevator to reach our endpoint. Two of the buildings have eighteen floors with an added penthouse. We would never be able to provide service for these facilities without the portable carpet cleaning machine. We looked into a few various models of portable carpet cleaning machines.  We ended up finding a decent one that was used online. The portable carpet cleaning device is handy. There is a sizable reservoir on the side. We fill this reservoir with hot water and carpet cleaning soap. There is a pair of nozzles on the outside of the reservoir. The first connects to the carpet cleaning wand. The other connects to a separate reservoir that is empty. As we disinfect the carpets with the hot soapy water, the dirty water is pulled back in and deposited straight into the reservoir. The portable carpet cleaning machine has paid for itself. We have gained several new hotels since last month. We were never able to advertise to hotels until now. The portable carpet cleaning device can be taken anywhere, and only requires a single person to move it. There are a lot of options open for us now, and we are gaining more interest each day. It’s been especially nice, because the portable carpet cleaning system fits into the back of a pickup truck. This alleviates the need for the van to carry it.

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