These pet stains are a problem

Last year, the family carpet cleaning business started taking on a few luxury apartments in the city. Our company had to purchase a special portable cleaner for carpets of those apartments. Our standard carpet cleaning van only provides enough hose to access third floor apartments. These specific apartments are all inside of a high-rise building, and we use a maintenance elevator to reach them. Two of the taller buildings have twenty floors plus a penthouse suite at the top. We had no way to  reach those house without the purchase of a portable carpet cleaning machine. We looked into a various makes, models and styles of portable carpet cleaning machines, and found they are all similar. We were able to buy used online for less money. Our new portable carpet cleaning unit had come in very handy. There is a reservoir on one side that gets filled this with warm water plus carpet cleaning detergent. There are nozzles on the outside of the reservoir with one connecting to the carpet cleaning wand and the other linked  to a second reservoir. When we scrub the carpets with the warm soapy solution, the dirty soapy water is sucked back into the unit and fills the second reservoir. The portable carpet cleaning unit has definitely paid for itself. We’ve not managed to picked up multiple hotels in the last few months. We never would have been able to take on those taller hotels without the new equipment. The portable carpet cleaning unit is designed to easily go somewhere. It is lightweight enough to be moved by one person. There are more opportunities for business open to us now.  My family is starting to pick up new clients nearly every day. It’s been especially helpful, because the portable carpet cleaning unit is compact enough to be moved by a pickup truck. This avoids the need for tie up the service van.

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