HVAC system totally failed on me

During Christmas time I am the person that hosts the big family celebration, everyone comes to my house because my bedroom can fit over ten family members in it, i was getting a little busy out the night before because I was trying to prep the food and wash up the house however it just didn’t seem care about I had enough time! Luckily I rushed through everything so I could get to bed. I went to my temperature control to lower the temperature since I love to sleep in a colder area, but when I went to bed I thought the entire Heating and A/C unit was laboring fine! But when i woke up in the afternoon the temperature was set to around 68 degrees. This never happens and when I set the temperature lower at night the temperature stays the same for when I wake up in the morning. I put the temperature down 5 more degrees so it wasn’t too tepid or too cold. I started to set everything out when I realized that it felt actually cold in my house. I went to the temperature control again and saw that the temperature in the house was around 65 degrees. I knew something was actually wrong with my Heating and A/C plan so I gave a call to my contractor. I am actually lucky that I have a wonderful relationship with my contractor as since he’s been serving our Heating and A/C plan for the past 15 years, and our Heating and A/C contractor came on her day off to repair the Heating and A/C unit even while I was in a holiday! I made sure that I gave him some food to take beach house and I also gave him more currency than what she made me pay!

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