The hotel having issues with the HVAC

There’s a crazy amount of weather changes when you go out west… A group of my friends & I decided to travel out west to go snowboarding! We stayed at numerous hotels that were in numerous odd regions of the entire state. There are so various odd weather changes when you go north or south of the state. The one hotel that we stayed at was right near a ski resort. This hotel wasn’t the nicest hotel however the rooms were spotless & the price was cheap! When we first arrived the temperature outside was about 80 degrees. There was a lot of humidity in the air & it certainly didn’t seem honestly cold to go skiing. We put up all of our stuff & when we opened up the door to our room it was honestly humid in there, but it felt like there was no air circulation in the room at all. We went over to the small Heating & A/C proposal & turned on the air conditioning unit. After about five minutes & hanging out in the hotel room, we realized it’s starting to get frigid in the room. It gets colder at night in this part of the state & since we’re near a ski resort it was really going to start snowing. I checked the temperature on my phone & saw that it dropped a considerable 15° in a matter of a couple of minutes. I thought we might as well put on the heat & turn off the air conditioning unit. It’s hilarious due to the fact we would never do this where we live in the northeast. It’s ridiculous how much the temperature changes & the odd Heating & A/C systems that are used throughout the day.

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