Super glad we had cooling then

The saving grace of our family getaway this year was the central air conditioning that was in the apartment the people I was with and I rented! This year, our family decided to travel to a random location by the seaside; None of us had ever been plus the people I was with and I were all more than happy to explore a different part of the world; However, none of us expected the weather to be so warm and also sticky. As we traveled in the air conditioned truck from the airport to our apartment away from home, the people I was with and I all enjoyed the beautiful seaside landscape that passed us by. However, when we first stepped out of the air conditioning plus outside, it felt as if a full wall of heat had hit us in the mouth. The air seemed thick with heat plus the people I was with and I all rushed into the house, my sister found the thermostat plus turned the air conditioning on full blast, where it stayed for the rest of the day. A few of us tried to go outside since we were so happy to explore, but the people I was with and I quickly went back apartment to stay inside the air conditioning. Thankfully, the temperature outside dipped extremely once the sun started to set, however so the people I was with and I all settled in a routine of swimming plus staying in the air conditioning during the heat of the day, and then once the air outside started to cool as the sun set, the people I was with and I would go into town. All of us were all thankful that the people I was with and I had central air that quickly cooled down the whole apartment plus kept it cool during our entire getaway, however without the air conditioning, we would have had a bad getaway without a doubt.

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