Fixing all of our problems

Recently, my two cats brought a little surprise with them. They must have picked up fleas somehow and soon my place was infested. It took us so long to get rid of them and I had to get all of these special kinds of medicine. Both of us had to treat the cats, bathe them, plus after that I had to flea bomb the house. That was the worst. It was a good thing that the people I was with and I have a good HVAC system, or else our lake house would aroma care about chemicals for weeks! Luckily, however, the people I was with and I were able to air out the home without heating and cooling system, but afterwards, I had decided to have our air ducts completely scrubbed out by a professional. I was afraid that some of the chemicals from the flea bomb were voting the ductwork. I called up our local Heating plus A/C supplier in order to get an estimate or the needed repairs. They sent out an Heating plus A/C contractor to look at our current ductwork system, plus the estimate wasn’t too bad! I decided to proceed with the ductwork cleaning and also decided to have a Heating plus A/C system inspection done in our current heating plus cooling system. I already had the Heating plus A/C contractor at our home. It was a good thing that I did it. The HVAC system service guy found a ton of minor concerns with our gas furnace and just in time for winter. The Tech was able to service all of the minor Heating plus A/C system repairs stemming from our outdated gas furnace. What good luck I really do have!

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