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When I was growing up, Sundays were for football. My dad and his brother always commandeered the sofa and the television. My siblings and I were sent outside for the day, so my dad and his brother could watch Sunday football in peace. My mom usually made some snacks and sweet tea, and they always ordered pizza for dinner on Sundays. Growing up, everyone in my house was a huge Tampa Bay football fan. Back then, Tampa Bay had an amazing football team. They had the number one offense and defense in the league. Warren Sapp could tackle a man in his sleep. I remember watching a Monday night football game, when Tampa Bay was behind by three scores. I was going to turn off the TV and go to bed, instead of watching the last 5 minutes. I would have missed Tampa Bay score four touchdowns to win the game in the last 12 seconds. My dad still thinks Tampa Bay is the best team in the league, even though everyone knows that’s not true. Ever since Tampa Bay let the coach go, they haven’t had a single profitable season. Last year, my boss gave away tickets to the Tampa Bay Stadium. I had to beg my friends to go, because none of them are Tampa Bay fans. It’s a good thing the tickets were free, otherwise I would have had to enjoy the game alone. There are a lot of great things in Tampa Bay these days, but the Buccaneers are not one of them. Every year brings new talent and new hope for a great Tampa Bay team.


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