No money for extra heating

Like almost all university students, our roommate as well as I did not have a lot of money as both of us made the decision to go through school as well as completed our degree; Due to our very small budget, both of us looked for a small house that was close to the school both of us went to, both of us felt lucky when both of us found a single under our budget as well as within walking distance to the the school. We were so happy to learn that the electric bill would be included in our quarterly rent as well as the heat would be included as well. Both of us knew from our previous house that heat in the Winter time could be really expensive so both of us were happy to be able to have a warm, decent sized place to live while I was in the severe northern winters. However, once Winter time hit both of us wished both of us had a unusual locale, then although the heat was included, both of us had no way of controlling the heating unit, and the landlord came in late fall when the gas furnace should have already been taken care of as well as finally turned the heat on to the place. The heat was turned up too high. Both of us tuned on fans as well as even a small air conditioning unit, however the heat was stifling. After asking for the heat to be turned down a bit, but getting no response, both of us turned to our engineering buddies. They hastily figured out how to  override the system, as well as both of us acquired control of the temperature in our apartment, and luckily, the property owner never figured out that our friends had changed the temperature settings as well as both of us were able to live in the house for many months, nice and cool in the Summer as well as respectfully heated during the winter.

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