Why you want a tankless water heater

My wife and I have always had the conventional hot water heater, in our home.  Lately, I am finding that I am no longer satisfied with the old hot water tanks.  Our hot water tank doesn’t last very long and then we need to go to the expense of replacing them.  The tank liner ruptures and then we have an impromptu flood in our basement. Now that is just my wife and I, we don’t use all of the hot water.  Now our tank is constantly reheating the same water over and over again. This is a huge waste of energy. There is a lot residue left in the tank from the standing water, which will eventually cause damage to the liner.  We have been talking about installing a tankless water heater system. With the tankless water heater, all we have is the heat exchanger which is no bigger than a briefcase. It can be installed either inside or outside an outer wall.  The water pipes remain intact and they are put through the tankless water heater instead of the traditional hot water heater. We always have hot water when we turn on the faucet and there is no waiting for long periods of time, for the hot water to reach the area you are in.  We save money on heating up a huge tank of cold water, because the tankless water heater, heats on demand. Our supply of hot water is endless and it is always fresh and clean. I have already made the appointment to get an estimate for installing the tankless water heater into our home.

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