Worth having good plumbing maintenance

I used to ask  myself if it was really worth it to spend the extra money on preventative maintenance plans.  It wasn’t until I bought my own house that I was able to answer that question. I realized that I was doing preventative maintenance every time I had changed an air filter in my car.  I was doing preventative maintenance whenever I took the lint out of the lint trap of the dryer. Everything I owned had a warranty and offered some kind of maintenance plan. Then I began to wonder why I didn’t have a maintenance plan on my sewage system and my plumbing.  They are important if there is a leak, or damage in my sewer, I could have one heck of a mess. I called the plumbers that i used to have my new sewer system installed. I asked if they offered any kind of preventative maintenance plan for my sewer system and if they had one available for my plumbing.  He told me they did have preventative maintenance for both the sewer system and the plumbing, but no one had ever inquired and thought it was silly when it was offered. I asked him to come over, because I wanted to discuss the cost of the preventative maintenance and what all it covered. I was amazed that I could get my sewer inspected and even cleaned, every couple years, and they would do it for free.  I could even get maintenance on my toilets and my shower, to make sure the drains were working properly and it was all covered under my maintenance plan.

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