Checking the septic

My husband decided it was time to sell our home and move out of the north.  We called a realtor and asked them if they would come over and talk to us about selling our home.  She told us that it would behoove us to have an inspector come into the house and do a full inspection before we put it up for sale.  She said this would eliminate a sale going wrong, because of a major unforeseen problem. The licensed inspector came in and he began his inspection.  He looked at and into everything in our home. He even did a test to see if there were any leaks in our drainage system. He put some kind of dye down the drains and then he went out in the yard.  He told us that if there were any leaks, they would show up when the dye came up to the top of the ground. Everything tested good, and we went ahead and sold our home. As we packed to move, the neighbor came over to say goodbye.  He asked what was going on in the yard, and we told him about the dye. He started to laugh and told us our drain field was in the field that was behind his house. If there was a leak, the dye would have shown up out back and not in the yard behind the house.  He said that when our house had been built, the owner and the owner of his house, had joined funds and had a mutual sewage system installed and the drainage for both homes, was in the field out back.

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