The drain line is not there

When my fiance and I left our house to move elsewhere, there was one last loose end for us to tie up – we had to get the septic system inspected and cleared by inspectors. To put your house on the market, inspectors want to know for sure that nothing big is wrong with the septic tank. Otherwise, they’ll be dealing with a colossal sanitation issue! How they check for a broken or damaged septic tank or drainage line is with a dye that is placed in the water. That then flows through all your plumbing fixtures, before it then makes it to the drainage line. If the dye shows up in your yard, then you have a big septic tank repair lying in wait for you! The plumbing service would be very expensive, and must be done before the lake house is sold. We were not well off at the time, so all we could do was hope that things panned out for the better for us.. The inspectors came back the next day, and the yard had no dye visible anywhere – we were able to move out! After being in our new home for about two years now, I heard some interesting stuff from a former neighbor of mine. As it would seem, the builder of our old house made a deal with the neighbors, who let them hook their septic systems together. The neighbors backyard is where the drain line goes to! So the dye was never going to show up in our yard anyway. If there was a drainage issue, it was show up next door in that guy’s shrubbery!

drainage line

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