Cut the bathroom piping

I get stuck doing the worst jobs in the world sometimes, and it’s all because of our proprietor being our Grandfather. As the youngest of three grandkids living under one of his roofs, I have to go above and beyond the tenant duties to make sure he doesn’t have to come over to the apartments to do the repair and maintenance work. If one of his tenants – or my siblings – is having complications with electric, Heating plus Air Conditioning or plumbing, I get a call to take care of it. Look, I’m not the kind of guy who would make a 72 year old man get on his knees to tile a tenant’s bathroom! I was the guy who got to do it for no real compensation, anyway. The last time I had to retile someone’s bathroom floor, it didn’t go too well! I was honestly already ticked off about the tenant in that apartment saying rude things to me, so I got distracted while I used a sharp saw to cut away all the existing tile. I got a little carried away and accidently cut through a pipe, and since I was in the bathroom, the piping lead to the shower, toilet and sink! The instant I struck the pipe, water shot right out of it and all over the bathroom walls and ceiling. The apartment was on the upper floor too, meaning I had to take care of the problem in this apartment as well as the leakage into the apartment below! Once I went to go to the store to get sealant for the piping, I made it back in time to see that there was water all over the place, both above and below. That was a rough day!

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