HVAC store troubles:

My heating & air conditioner service shop was burglarized just a few evenings ago, but I still have no way of knowing who broke in. Although I truly think it was a few kids. The burglar used a rock to crash the office window! Any burglar with regular tools, would have been able to simply pick the lock. We did not even have an alarm, so the burglars got away with a few items. They stole a computer & an iPod from the office, & they also got away with a few hundred dollars in cash. Luckily though, most of the heating & air conditioner devices are too heavy for a couple of kids to lift. In order for them to steal costly heating & air conditioner equipment, they would have needed a van & a dolly. That’s why my wifey & I are certain it was a few kids that broke into our heating & air conditioner service shop… My wifey insisted that the people I was with and I install some security features. After the burglary, I thought it was a superb route to go too. So then, we hired a security team to install video surveillance device by the bay door & the front door of our heating & air conditioner service shop. The video surveillance device will run 24 hours a day, & it will record all movement & audio. If the culprits come back again, the people I was with and I will be able to catch them in the act. I doubt the police will ever retrieve our computer & iPod, however if the burglars come back, the people I was with and I will have their faces on video. That will make it much easier to bring them hooligans to justice.

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