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As a young kid, I hung out with a really harsh crowd.  Many of our buddies from High School overdosed on 1 drug or two or lost their lives in tragic auto crashes.  Many of those were either drunk or stupid. I knew that I didn’t want to end up like them for sure. I managed to get away from that crowd for years until the other day when a medical professional prescribed an opiate pain killer for me.  I was hurt real bad at work plus the back pain was beyond belief. I took the pills as prescribed for a long time until I felt that it wasn’t really working anymore. I slowly started getting more plus more until I was addicted to the pills.  Life took a turn for the worst plus I lost sight of the person that I wanted to be. Then, 1 day, I saw online information about a clinic that used medical marijuana to combat the withdrawal effects of opiate addiction. The clinic has just started up in our town plus they were in the process of screening patients.  I was not okay that I was going to be a guinea pig of sorts, but it had to be better than the life I was going through so I was willing to do it. I was unemployed due to our issues plus our family had pretty much given up hope of me ever returning from the dark place I was in. I pulled myself together plus went to apply to their screening.  I worked with the clinic for almost a month plus I was able to finally call myself free of the addiction.

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