Life lessons that began in HVAC schooling:

I did not really know what I wanted to do after graduating from a private high school, so I decided to apply to the technical school.  I took a few classes on various subjects, before I had to make any crucial decisions regarding my future. I took a class on classic literature, a class about the history of country music, even a class about sculpture. When it came time to decide my technical program, I chose heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC maintenance and repairs seemed like it could be a fun task, in addition to all of the statistics saying I could make a ton of money that way.  During the first few months of HVAC classes, I barely paid attention. I couldn’t focus on anything other than the lovely breezes in addition to the ocean waves outside. When it came came time to take the initial HVAC certificate exam, I completely bombed the test. I did not even score in the F range. My teacher asked to meet with me, and she asked if I enjoyed my HVAC service classes. I told her it was hard for me to concentrate. She additionally suggested that HVAC maintenance and repair might not be my specialty. She provided me pamphlet with a list of other technical programs that might pique my interest. I went back home that evening to look at the list of classes. I did not legitimately see anything that seemed more interesting than heating and air conditioning repair, so I decided to buckle down and pay better attention. I had to repeat all of my first classes, but the end result was worth it. I finally passed my first exam with an A+. Now that I am certain that HVAC maintenance & repair  is my future, I can concentrate on learning everything there is for me to know about about heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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