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My son Harold came back home from school the other day with a paper for a fundraiser.  Now, it appears, that every other month there is a new event to try as well as raise much needed cash for the class.  I don’t mind helping out but I always thought that our school taxed paid for much of what was required. Well, this fundraiser was for future trips for the kids so I didn’t mind doing my part.  They were going to have a class sale at the next 3 home games for our b-ball team. This seemed like a straight-forward way to make money as well as I love to bring things to sell. As I was learning the instruction something caught my eye that made me laugh out loud at it.  In bright letters, at the bottom of the flyer, were the words please no pot brownies. Now, I never would have imagined that they would need to put this in the flyer for the parents to read. The whole idea of legal marijuana is still coming into my head as well as I couldn’t imagine who would suppose it would be alright to take pot laced brownies to a school sale.  That would be like taking rum soaked candy or cake or jello shots to sell. I think that they had someone ask, or worse yet bring them to a sporting game, as well as that was why they needed to state it so brightly on the flyer. I showed my husband the flyer when he got home from work as well as the two of us both got a real kick out of the flyer.

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