Getting a security monitor

My sibling hired a security service to monitor her home. Last week, she received an iphone message that said there was a possible break-in through her window. The alert showed exactly which window was being tampered with, too. She was in the house but she hadn’t heard anything. She went to look at the window. There was a small crack on the inside of the window that looked like a bullet hole. She could not find anything else, so she called the security corporation to tell them what she had found. They also had video surveillance, and there wasn’t anything on any of the camera feeds to show besides that a dove had flown into the window. Later that afternoon, she got another alert from the security service. They said there was a possible break-in through the basement door. She’d previously had a tenant who was using the downstairs apartment and she couldn’t remember if she had received a key back from them, so she had the doors locks all changed. Upon looking at the surveillance video, there wasn’t anything showing up there and she was getting a bit perturbed about all of these alerts with nothing to substantiate them. The last alert came when they showed a possible break-in on the porch. She called the security team and told them that she couldn’t find anything with her camera. They pulled their own camera feed, and then the gentleman started laughing and told her which camera to check. When she looked at the spot from a strange angle, they found a family of raccoons trying to get at the dog food that was inside the porch and close to the window and the basement door that was setting off the alarm.

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