teaching me card access systems

When I joined the military, I did it because I didn’t have enough money to pay for school. I also hoped that the Army would provide me with tools for a bright successful future. Truth is, I did not learn much about the real world or marketable skills in my time on deployment. When I came out of the army, the only skill I had learned was the ability to shoot a target from several hundred yards. A neat trick in the civilian world, but that wasn’t going to lock down a good job for me back home. I did not have any real skills, so I had a hard time finding work for a while. My sibling was working for a security system installation company, so as soon as I left the Army he got me set up with a job in the security industry. A few weeks ago I started working with them, and the work has been very interesting so far. My brother and I are working together most days, as he teaches me the ropes to make sure I’m successful here. Last week, I worked with him all day Friday and Saturday to install a fancy new security system for a bank in town. The bank just opened a new branch located in the mall, and since they wanted to take extra security measures, we came and installed keyless ID readers at the front entrance to the bank. We also had a CCTV system installed to survey each entrance to the vault. I must’ve spent several hours installing motion detectors around the perimeter as well, and it paid off! The bank security system is impenetrable now. Next weekend, I’m supposed to finish a security plan installation for the new town hall, so that will surely include new video as well as audio surveillance systems.

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