Who cares about that!

My daughter came home from her private school the other day with a flyer for her tennis team. Now, it seems, that every other year there is a different thing to try and raise much needed funds for the tennis team.  I don’t mind helping out but I always thought that our private school tax paid for much of what was needed. Well, this time was for tennis camp so I didn’t mind doing our part. They were going to have a bake sale at the next 3 games for our girls tennis team.  This seemed like and easy way to make the money for tennis camp and I enjoy when I can bake. As I was reading the instruction something caught our eye that made me laugh. In big red letters, at the bottom of the page, were the words, please not pot products. So I never would have imagined that they would need to put this direction on the bottom of a private school flyer.  The whole idea of legal marijuana is still sinking into our minds and I couldn’t imagine who would suppose it would be good to take pot laced treats to a university bake sale. That would be like taking gin soaked raisins or jello shots to sell. I imagine that they had someone ask, or worse yet bring them to a tennis match, and that was why they needed to state it so brightly and in deep red on the flyer.  I showed my fiance the flyer when he got home from the office and we both got another kick out of it.

girl scout cookies 

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